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Jun 252013

ShanesWay and Shasta County

By Kari Cattanach

         2013 has brought some changes to ShanesWay.   Originally, 2011 and 2012 saw ShanesWay helping young adults throughout the United States, but the non-profit has decided to focus on helping the North State’s own critically ill young adults have a “Live Life” moment.  With community support for fundraisers, ShanesWay has been able to help 2 young adults with “Live Life” moments in 2013.


Stephanie S. is battling Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the cervix that has spread.  Stephanie’s “Live Life” moment was to take her husband and 2 young daughters to Hawaii.   Again, with the support of Redding’s community, ShanesWay was able to give Stephanie and her family 7 days on Maui.  According to Stephanie, “Sunburn or not. It was heaven!”


Sarah Ball is ShanesWay’s second “Live Life” moment recipient.   Karen Ball, Sarah’s mom,  says it best… “Sarah is now one of the oldest living people with her disability…Lissencephaly.   She cannot walk, or sit, or eat, or talk or even see…but she is aware and conscious of her surroundings.  She can hear…and feel….and accept love and give love.  She spends every evening being held by either her father or me.  This is no easy feat as her spasticity makes her very stiff and difficult to hold.  She has severe scoliosis and spastic quadriplegia along with asthma epilepsy, cortical visual impairment and the list goes on… “  Last summer, Sarah’s family found out that water therapy was a magical key for Sarah.  Karen Ball writes, “She was taken in the water and her response was nothing less than magical.  We came back multiple times and had training in this wonderful experience.”

Karen asked ShanesWay for a pool for Sarah.  ShanesWay contacted Roy Leffel at Hot Springs Spa of Redding and he enthusiastically agreed to help get the correct spa for Sarah and her family.  Again….the North State community came through for its young adults who are suffering with a life threatening illness.


Shasta Roller Derby will be having a bout titled “ShanesWay Showdown, Skating for a Cause”, on August 10th , as a ShanesWay fundraiser.  Be on the look out for posters or check out ShanesWay’s FB page for more info.   Also you can email for a Food Maxx SHARES card to support ShanesWay.  Food Maxx/Save Mart donates 3% of what is purchased when a SHARES card is shown.  Thank you.

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