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Penguins Game for Dewayne Johns and 9 Friends!!

Dewayne had it all going….fiance, police cadet, and being an athletic 23 year old.   Stage 4 CANCER raised its ugly head and changed Dewayne’s life.  While battling the ups and downs of cancer, Dewayne had a wonderful support team of family and friends.  He wanted to take his “team” to a Pittsburg Penguins game to say thank you for helping him stay sane.  Dewayne resides in Pennsylvania.


Disneyland and LA for Danielle Powell

Danielle is 19 years old and suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia.  She has battled through a stroke and several hospital stays.  She stays positive and wanted to take her aunt and cousin for a fun trip to Disneyland.  Danielle resides in Colorado.

Jessica Barcelo Takes New York By Storm

19 year old Jessica wanted to go to NY and spend her birthday visiting Times Square.  ShanesWay helped her with her Live Life moment by sending her and her family to the Big Apple.  She battles Brittle Bone disease which makes movement difficult so a wheelchair is necessary.  Jessica resides in Florida.

Shopping Spree for MacView Ekeanyanwu

Mac lives in Massachuesetts and is 18 years old.  He battles Focal segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).  This diseases leads to kidney failure.  After battling this disease for 2 years, Mac was put on a transplant list.  Mac has always loved clothes so a shopping Spree at Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Macy’s boosted his spirits after gaining back his strength from the transplant.

Tya Nashe Duff Moves Out   2/15/12

      19 year old Tya needs to move closer to UCLA because of kidney transplant needs.  Tya was diagnosed with systematic Lupus earlier in 2011.   This disease devastated her kidneys within months.  She had to move in with her family for constant care.  Once Tya became stable, she was able to move closer to UCLA, but had no furniture.  ShanesWay helped out with a bedroom set, living room furniture, and a laptop.


Megan Williams Chooses Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Theme Park

24 year old Megan Williams is battling several health issues, with the most difficult being Fanconi Syndrome.  This is a very rare kidney disease.  Her Live Life moment is to spend some time at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, with her family.  Megan lives in Florida.


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